Quilled creations


Ethnic style



Quilled jhumka and pendant with four coloured paper strips. Enjoying quilling moments……Didn’t initially thought of doing a pendant of this style. The curled roll made for the ear-ring stud was little bit bigger first. Didn’t want to re-do and spoil the papers. So made two other similar curls and the pendant took its form.





Ear-ring and necklace made of maroon-red crystal beads and pearls. Few golden beads were introduced to add the beauty.

Wedding Rose


Necklace and ear-ring made of bright red crystal beads


Sweet and Simple

DSC_0758 DSC_0760 Untitled-1

Enjoying the quilling moments to discover so many characters and shapes. The second picture was initially done without the border attachment and cover. Since  my 7 yr old daughter demanded for it as she wanted it to give as a B’day card gift to her cousin sister I thought of doing some modifications and attached the golden cloth which I collected from one of the invitation cards and wrapped the whole card in plastic paper so as to protect the shapes without getting spoiled when my little girl holds it.

Quilling is so lovely……….


Whirly Wheel

DSC_0738 DSC_0741 1

Just playing around with few colours left and didn’t guess it would result in such a shape and suits well like a pendant. To add up the beauty, a few seed beads  were introduced in the middle of the pendant and few wooden beads which I collected from my daughter’s broken necklace, in the lavender string


Cute Curls


Another jhumka patterned ear-ring made of three different coloured papers. In a learning phase……….


Floral Queen


Ear-ring made with 6 different quilling papers to achieve a rainbow colour pattern. My first attempt in quilling jewellery.

This pattern was designed for a dance purpose in which the costume was first suggested to be a rainbow bordered white frock. Later on the costume changed but I didn’t stop working on this and created this rainbow flower patterned ear-ring.


Temple charms


Ear-ring made out of paper quilling with two different colours. My second attempt in paper quilling technique.
One of my friends told me about my another friend who started doing paper quilling jewellery. Inspired by this new information I started digging all about paper quilling and learned some techniques from the web. From then on my eyes wandered on all shops wherever I visited, for getting the tools required for this purpose. Somehow I managed to get some stuff from a near-by shop but not any good quality. I was satisfied but, as I am only going to learn what is actually the quilling work. From the first jewellery itself I made I was really excited and enthusiastic to learn the real quilling magic. I searched the web for a class or workshop which I could attend so as to improve the knowledge I gained and add up to the perfection of any small creativity. Luckily I came into a very beautiful blog of a passionate lady who does all the beautiful quilling works and I was so impressed upon her creativity and style. She offered some classes which was advertised in the blog itself which made my search easy. The class was really interesting and informative. Made some beautiful patterns which I will be showing in my next post.
I am thrilled to explore more and more……


The Chandlier


Necklace and ear-ring made of blue pearl beads, blue wooden beads and transparent crystal beads.


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